John performing at the annual 'Fest For Beatles Fans' in NYC, February 9th, 2014.

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Greetings and welcome to my personal web site! This page has information concerning my band 27 West, as well as all the various other projects I've had the pleasure to be involved with. I'm also a freelance guitarist in the NYC cover music circuit. My repertoire is rather extensive in the pop/rock genre, but I perform many diverse types of music.

I've designed this website myself and I'll do my best to keep things up-to-date. By the way, I started building the original website using my trusty Commodore 64 computer. I've upgraded a bit since then, but it goes to show that it doesn't take much to utilize the internet!

Big Show Announcements!

Friday, September 9th, The Weeklings at YANKEE STADIUM!!!
The Weeklings will be performing at Yankee Stadium as a part of the "Hard Rock Cafe presents Little Steven's Underground Garage Concert Series, powered by JBL" concert series. Tickets are available HERE.

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